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Created 22-Feb-09
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Judy's 50th birthday present was a new sauna!  This is the location we decided on.Six foundation holes dug and filled with concrete.Construction team - Dad and Ewan.Screeding concrete...Sears radial arm saw has worked flawlessly for many big projects...This is the view from the sauna.  David out windsurfing, with Brenda looking on.Dad working on the floor.Judy anticipating the first use!I dadoed the corners to fit better...Lots of layers, drilled and spiked with 10 inch nails.Almost done...Working on the roof.Filling in-between the rafters with cut 4X4'sCedar shingling - time consuming but worth it!Staggered joints...Inside ceiling - insulated, and reflective film.  Covered with T&G cedar.Electirc conduit line, ready for burial.Shallow trench because of bedrock, we covered the conduit with concrete.