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The drive from Calibishie to Portsmouth takes about 45 minutes through twisty roads. Many small communities line the road.  Portsmouth has quite a few stores to get groceries, get fuel, appliances, and clothes.  There's a nice Italian restaurant there as well.  Banks and bank machines too - not always successful getting cash from the machines, so bring a few different cards. The trip down the coast was beautiful, and the closer we got to Roseau the more affluent the houses seemed to be. Roseau can be busy when the cruise ships are in town (usually only once a week during the rest of the year) especially around Christmas. You can get most goods here, and there's quite a few good places to eat.
Abandoned houseTypical small town churchPortmouthPortsmouth fishing boatsA nice beach near CabritsKayaking in the bay.South end near Picard cottages.Ross University, a medical school in PortsmouthMany new residences are being builtHeading south along the coastCruise ship at RoseauRoseau