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Created 1-Feb-09
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I spent a few cold Jan. 31st '09 hours at Humber Bay Park in west-end Tornto taking shots with the 5D mark 2. Using the live view function with 5 or 10X magnification was essential in critical focussing. Since I was using a tripod, an electronic shutter release, and the mirror was locked up with live view, camera shake was well-controlled. Iso at 50 helped too. All were shot with the canon 70 - 200 2.8 L lens. Most of the photos had extreme cropping, but still stayed very sharp and contrasty!
Mallard duck males have green heads. Orange-billed swans are Mute Swans, black-billed are rare Trumpeter Swans, which were re-introduced into the wild after being close to extinction.Mallards.A rare Trumpeter Swan.a Mute SwanSwan feet...a Trumpeter Swan with still-gray juvenile.