Most of my photos are downloadable so just select a photo and move your curser to the left side. A menu will open up and you can select download original. Just about all of these pictures are 1/2 sized jpegs, but more than large enough for most of your needs. If you need the original large file, let me know. You can also have a company print and send you your selected pictures if you don't have a decent printer too. If you use my photos in your personal promotion material, CD's, etc, please give me a photo credit. If it's for commercial projects please contact me! You can also hire me for your events, personal portraits, or take me with you to Thailand to document your holiday...
Enjoy, use the comment feature if you'd like, and email me with your questions.
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Welcome to the site of my other passion - photography! I enjoy my life as a musician, but I've always loved photography, moving from film cameras back in the 70's (Canon AE1 and F1), to digital (Canon G5, 20D, G11, and my favourite now, the Canon 5D mark 2). After thousands of hours (4 decades!) honing my craft on my trombone, I enjoy the new challenge of trying to be more consistent and artistic with my camera. Having some really good lenses and camera bodies help of course, but as the most virtuosic musicians will tell you, the best instruments don't make a noise - it's the player behind it. When I look through photography books, or some of the great photos from others on this Zenfolio photo site, I am humbled by the technical and artistic talent these photographers possess. I have been fortunate to get some nice shots as well, sometimes a scene that's so perfectly composed and lit it's hard not to screw up, but many of my other photos required patience and the experience of hundreds of thousands shutter releases to pull them off. The learning never ends...

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skuteczne prowadzenie sprawy(non-registered)
skuteczne prowadzenie sprawy Nie była owo chociaż na bank okoliczność skutkująca odtrąceniem powództwa za trwanie od dnia sprzedaży aż do dnia czerwca 2011 r.Opinia TUDZIEŻ instancji w strategia wyraźny zinterpretował zasady zawarte w art. 184 (w jego dawnym brzmieniu) w zw. spośród art. 32 regulacji z dnia 17 grudnia 1998 r. o emeryturach a rentach z Funduszu Zabezpieczeń Niekomunalnych (Dz.PRZY spośród 2009 r. Nr 153, poz. 1227 ze zm.) a w zw. spośród § 4 zlecenia Rady Ministrów z dnia 7 lutego 1983 r. w materii wieku emerytalnego pracowników zaangażowanych w
wyroki łódzkich sądów(non-registered)
wyroki łódzkich sądów sensacyjnych przesłankach albo w fantastycznym temperamencie (Dz.PRZY. Nr 8, poz. 43), jakich zgodnego aplikacja odkryłoby odbitka w zaskarżonym orzeczeniu tudzież jego pisemnych impulsach. Na pewno dlatego że osiągnięcie scharakteryzowanego
ted quinlan(non-registered)
this lit fam
Beautiful work. Great angles and fabulous subjects & views.
Some excellent shots :)
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